• Innovate Beyond Limits with SAP BTP

  • Looking to rapidly innovate and transform, but held back by complex systems? Go beyond limits with SAP Business Technology Platform. Build innovative cloud solutions. Revitalize systems with automated AI integration. Expand and unify data with complete control. Speed innovation with no-code and code tools. Analyze SAP data in context. Use prebuilt industry content. Run on enterprise-grade, SAP-managed platform. Customize without maintenance. Interoperate across clouds.Get equipped for nonstop innovation and unlimited potential. Ready to unleash the possibilities?

  • Empowering you to solve business challenge, faster 

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    Application development and automation

    Build, automate, and design apps faster with low-code, prebuilt workflows, RPA bots, drag-and-drop sites, and industry content.

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    Extended Planning & Analysis

    Integrate planning with SAP for agile decisions. Combine data analysis with planning for confidence. Smoothly transform enterprise-wide planning.

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    Data & Analytics 

    Maximize SAP data value. Deliver trusted insights on modern data stack. Extend planning and analysis enterprise-wide. Run best with prebuilt SAP content.

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    Realize seamless integration. Accelerate with prebuilt connectors. Modernize integration with AI tools. Innovate at scale with flexible deployment.

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    Artificial Intelligence 

    Realize seamless integration. Accelerate with prebuilt connectors. Modernize integration with AI tools. Innovate at scale with flexible deployment.

  • Nirvasoft & SAP BTP across your line of business


    RISE with SAP

    Simplify cloud migration, integrate business processes faster with prebuilt content, enabling agility and stability through low-code and automation, and providing data insights across departments.


    GROW with SAP

    Automate with low-code, integrate faster with prebuilt content, empowering decisions through analytics, and accelerating innovation and ROI with workflows, automation, and AI insights.


    Human Capital Management

    Unify HR data, integrating to enable powerful employee experiences, delivering AI capabilities, empowering the distributed workforce, and extending HR apps to boost productivity.


    Financial Management

    Enable faster analysis, optimizing processes with automation and AI, centralizing data access, accelerating transformation with low-code apps, and maintaining control.


    Customer Experience

    Maximize CX by integrating data and processes for connected experiences, analyzing interactions for growth, and enabling personalization through low-code apps, automation, and visual design.


    Spend Management

    Maximize spend management with visibility, simplified apps, connected systems, unlocked data, guided decisions via automation and low-code, and integrated processes and data.


    Supply Chain Management

    Enabling synchronized planning, connecting processes, operationalizing sustainability, adapting quickly, eliminating silos, minimizing waste with apps, and achieving end-to-end sustainability and profitability.

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